Teacher Training

Teacher Training

Lead by studio owner, Italia Cordaro, Chicago Academy of Pole & Dance 40 Hour Pole Training is a credible, comprehensive, & in-depth pole teacher training program that develops quality teachers, not just instructors. Without Industry standards in place, Chicago Academy of Pole & Dance is raising the standard in teaching. In CAPD’s 40-hour Pole Teacher Training, you will learn to understand standard movement technique, how to successfully thread these movements together to construct a safe, fluid, kick-ass warm-up, use music, language and have exceptional class management skills to enhance your class experience for your students. This training is for anyone, students included. You do not need previous training.

Chicago Academy of Pole & Dance is working to become a NCCA Accredited certification program. This means that not only are we looking to offer the most exceptional teaching standard and content but to establish a standard for the Pole Dance Industry as a whole.

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1. Who should become Pole Certified by CAPD?

Who should become Pole Certified by CAPD?

Those who want to get certified to teach or improve their pole practice.

Whether you’re teaching or taking, bring your in-class performance to superstar level — perfecting positions, knowing how to modify, and garnering a deeper understanding of pole!

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Studio or gym owners who want to add Pole classes to their schedule.

A results oriented workout led by an engaging and stellar teacher is what keeps people coming back. We’ll bring our teacher trainers directly to you and hold our training in your studio!

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2. Choose your program

Choose your program

OPTION 1 | TRAIN + TEST – Teach at any Studio

Complete Parts 1 and/or 2 of our 40-hour Pole Teacher Training and take the exam during the last two hours of Part 2.

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Complete Parts 1 and 2 of our 40-hour Pole Teacher Training above and continue with our additional training in Movement, Series classes, flexibility, in class shadowing, co-teaching and receive direct feedback for your classes. To teach at CAPD you must complete the above Part 1 & Part 2 40 Hour Teaching Training.

Teaching at CAPD requires more comprehensive Teacher Training requirements that includes the above 40 hour Training in addition to class shadowing, co-teaching, further pole trick breakdowns, class management techniques and mock class training.

3. Pass the exam

Pass the exam

If you pass the exam you will be Pole Certified by Chicago Academy of Pole & Dance! Our exam is part verbal and part written. You will be required to teach portions of a class as well as take a written exam.

I know it’s not what we want to even consider, but if you don’t pass, you can spend more time to study and practice and you can schedule to take the exam again. You have up to 2 times to take both parts of the exam.

Your certification will be valid for 12 months, beginning on the date you are issued your official Chicago Academy of Pole & Dance Teacher Training certificate.

*Your certification will not entitle you to employment at Chicago Academy of Pole & Dance or guarantee employment with another pole studio. To be considered for employment as a teacher at Chicago Academy of Pole & Dance, please click here to email a request for an audition. Please include your resume, headshot, and certification status in your email.

4. Start Teaching

Start Teaching

Once you are Pole Certified by Chicago Academy of Pole & Dance, we’ll send you an official certificate, and you will be allowed to advertise that you (or your teachers) trained at Chicago Academy of Pole & Dance.

5. Maintain your certification

Maintain your certification

To maintain your certification after your initial 12-months, you must earn Continuing Education Credits (CECs) through additional Pole trainings at Chicago Academy of Pole & Dance.
These may be completed any time after you complete your initial certification. Once you complete and receive Continuing Education Credits, your certification will be renewed for another 18 months, beginning the date your current certification expires.

Dream of teaching at Chicago Academy of Pole & Dance?

For over 10 years, owner, Italia Cordaro has devoted her time to reaching her students in and out of the classroom.The ICE Method is more than a workout. It reshapes the mind, body, and spirit — and passing that on as a teacher is a beautiful gift to give! Think you have what it takes to be a part of the CAPD Team?

As an ICE Method Teacher Trainee you will learn all of the teaching techniques that will empower you to teach our suite of proprietary classes with clear, concise set ups, building of progressions, modifications for injuries and pregnancy, as well as meshing it all with music in order to create a truly transformational class experience. We raise the standard in the industry, offering insights into the emotional element of teaching that provides a soulful interaction with your students, enabling you to provide a results-producing class, every time you teach. We believe training should go beyond just learning choreography to instruct a class — we strive to empower you with the skills you’ll need to teach and transform lives.

Acceptance into our training is dependent upon an audition for the program managers after completing Parts 1 and 2 of our Pole Teacher Training, and passing the Pole Certification exam.

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Pole Teacher Training Part 1 (40 hours)

Pole Teacher Training Part 2 (40 hours)

Movement Teacher Training Part 1 (40 hours)

Movement Teacher Training Part 2 (40 hours)

Breaking the ICE Series Level Training (hours TBD)

Flexibility Training (hours TBD)

Shadowing & Co-Teaching hours

Learning all of our specialty Breaking the ICE classes: ICE Sculpt, Melting the ICE, Class concepts & Theory, Class Management

Questions? Please email Italia Cordaro, Owner & Curriculum Developer, at italiac@chicagopoleanddance.com

*Payment is due one week prior to the start of each training. The training agreement requires that while employed by Chicago Academy of Pole & Dance you exclusively teach any related classes with us and at no other studios without the written consent from an Chicago Academy of Pole & Dance Manager. Participation in the training does not guarantee immediate classes on the schedule.