Pole Teacher Training
(Training 1 and 2)

Chicago Academy of Pole & Dance
40 Hour ICE Method – Pole Training (Part 1)

July 22nd-July 24th
July 29th – July 31st

In Part 1 You’ll learn :

  • Standard strengthening and stretching movement & breakdown
  • To give cues and properly set up positions
  • Create progressive warm-up sequences
  • Format a 90-minute Pole class
  • Mesh movement with music and pick out the best tunes for your class

And, since practice makes perfect, you’ll split into groups and laugh your way through teaching (maybe even for the first time!) with your fellow classmates.

Chicago Academy of Pole & Dance
40 Hour ICE Method – Pole Training (Part 2)

August 5th-7th
August 12th-14th

Grab a partner, stretch them out. In Part 2 you’ll:

  • Start practicing hands on adjustments
  • Learn assisted spotting techniques
  • Study modifications for injuries and pregnancy
  • Get an overview of muscular anatomy and kinesthesiology (the study of movement, muscles and joints)

It’s the information you’ll need to answer FAQs from your students, keep their joints healthy, and help you feel well informed in the classroom. After all, pole-knowledge is pole-power.

Utilize all that you have learned and teach to the group in a shortened version of a pole class.

Want to take both Parts 1 & 2?

$2900 if you register for both.
In order to be “Pole Certified by Chicago Academy of Pole & Dance” you must complete both Part 1 and Part 2. Each section must have to be completed in order, however you are welcome to take them at your own pace, based on your schedule.

Scheduling issue?
If you know you want to take both Parts 1 + 2, but can’t complete them in the same two-weekend training, no worries! You’re welcome to take advantage of the special Part 1 + 2 pricing and participate in the training’s when you can.

Email us info@chicagopoleanddance.com if this is you.

**Payment options are available for each part or both. The balance must the paid prior the beginning of each Training.