Lapdance Classes

ICE-The Sultry Side

ICE – The Sultry Side

One of the most fulfilling benefits of dance is the act of self-expression. In ICE-The Sultry Side you will begin to learn how to have a conversation with your body with the idea of a “viewer” in mind; whether that “viewer” be a significant other, a fantasy, or yourself.

This 1.5 hour class begins with a 30-minute sensually focused warm-up, followed by a series of basic movements to guide you in maneuvering in and out the lap dance chair fluidly. Learn to say what you want to say, without saying a word.

PREREQUISITE – There is no prerequisite for ICE-The Sultry Side

ICE-The Art of Seduction

ICE – The Art of Seduction

Now that you understand the basics of lap dance, it’s time to enhance your skills, increase your fluidity and expand your body’s vocabulary. In Ice-The Art of Seduction you will learn more advanced movement and technique, including somersaults in and out of the chair, and begin to introduce your own series of movement as you become more comfortable in expressing yourself. Take ownership of your body, what it wants to convey, and demand the attention you desire and deserve.

PREREQUISITE – Ice-The Sultry Side is a prerequisite for this class. We recommend some movement experience before taking this class.