The two main methods of flexibility training at Chicago Academy of Pole & Dance are Static (stretching while the body is at rest) and Dynamic (active stretching). Stretching is an important component of any fitness routine. With improved flexibility comes enhanced performance and muscular conditioning. Stretching regularly also reduces the risk of injury because of the body’s enhanced ability to move through a wider range of motion.

Melting the ICE

(Open Level)

Melting the ICE (Open Level)

Extend your body and expand your range of motion with Melting the ICE (Open Level), a full-body, deep stretching class designed to challenge your abilities and increase your flexibility. This class will open your body up from your neck to your toes with a different focal point in each class to guarantee total body benefits. And the benefits aren’t just physical. Flexibility training is also a form of active relaxation that will allow you to become more in tune with your body on a mental and emotional level.

Melting the ICE (Open Level) is strictly a flexibility classes. There is no pole work.

PREREQUISITE – None required. 
Ages 15 – Adult, COED, and may be taken as a drop in class, through a class pack or membership package.



Taught by one of Mongolia’s premier contortionists Oyunchimeg (Oyuna) Yadamjav with over 25 years experience.

In this class you will focus on leg flexibility with techniques for leg extensions and balances, handstand technique, proper back warm-up, bridge technique, increase shoulder & hip flexibility for the back while building strength and using conditioning elements to keep the muscles balanced.

You will learn a solid foundation for contortion tricks and proper progressions.

No pole work

PREREQUISITE – None required. Ages 10 – Adult, COED, and may be taken as a drop in class, through a class pack or membership package.