• “XOXO ITALIA! Italia has helped me to be stronger and more flexible than I have ever been. She has been instrumental in my development and love for pole & dance. After an experience that left me injured a handful of years ago, I am blessed to have found an instructor who knows how to push me and has helped me open up to a whole new world of personal and physical expression.”

  • “I’ve tried pole dancing at other establishments and I’ve never been more satisfied or felt more comfortable in class than I have in Italia’s. I am not an “athlete” and have never been in great shape, but after I started working with Italia I found my body changing and capable of things I never thought possible. Give it a shot; it will change your life.”

  • “I love being a dance student of Italia’s. She explains, breaks down and adjusts movements, pole tricks, spins, etc. to my ability and style, and always challenges me.”

  • “Italia’s classes are more than a way to stay fit – they are my weekly mental release. Italia focuses on connecting your mind with your body and doing away with any negative thoughts that weigh you down when it comes to body image. I feel confident and empowered when I leave her class and that is a feeling that stays with you long after your muscles recover. She pushes you to be and feel stronger – she is her students’ biggest cheerleader. I’ve been a student for two years and have never felt better about myself.”

  • “Italia is an amazing instructor, mentor, and therapist. She knows how to make you work up a sweat, build confidence in yourself and love your body – all of your body, flaws and all. Can’t wait to see the new studio!”

  • “Italia is the BEST instructor! I would only take classes with her because she has a talent – a unique way of ‘reading’ people and their feelings. Italia is AMAZING!!! I HIGHLY recommend her classes.”