Susan S.

  • Susan S.

    Susan is a movement practitioner, teacher and an ardent student of the mind-body-emotion-spirit paradigms. Susan initially started her fitness journey with yoga as a means to obtain physical health. But over the last fifteen years, her movement experiences has evolved to include Power and Ying Yoga, mixed martial arts such as Boxing and Brazilian Jujitsu, aerial arts such as Silk, Lyra and Spanish Web, Pole dance fitness, Adult Gymnastics, and Climbing & Bouldering. Susan is certified in: Pole Dance Fitness, Power Yoga, Group Fitness Kickboxing, Kettlebell Strengthening, and Muay Thai Fitness.

    In addition to her physical fitness accomplishments, Susan’s advocacy in the mind-body connection also led her to the pursue of higher education in Master of Counseling, with a specialization in Sports, Health and Exercise Psychology at Adler University (formerly known as Adler Professional School of Psychology). As a recent graduate, Susan is ready to inspire and challenge her students both physically and mentally. Grow the body and grow the mind; grow the mind and grow the body.