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    Italia Cordaro has spent her life devoted to fitness and dance. She began taking gymnastics at the age of 4, and has studied various forms of dance in and around the world. She is a Level 4 Certified Pole Dance Community instructor (PDC) and has been a choreographer for many pole dance competitors. She is also Barre Certified through
    Exhale in New York City, and has been a national gymnastics competitor.

    When Italia discovered pole dancing she instantly fell in love, as she found it to be the most fulfilling of all dance movements she has ever come across. Pole dancing moved her so, that she quit the corporate world a decade ago and has been teaching pole dancing and
    movement full time ever since.

    Through her experience cultivating classes for her students, as well as continuing her own journey in this beautiful discipline, she has developed a comprehensive program that encompasses the art of pole dancing as a whole. The ICE Method (Italia Cordaro Experience) is a program that uses a combination of movement, dance, cardio-strength, pole tricks, and stretch and strength exercises for a fun, total body workout, that will not only strengthen your body but your mind as well.

    To Italia, pole dancing is more than a way to stay in shape. It’s a way of life. As a woman, she has always felt it is important to stay connected to her sexuality and having always had a passion for sensual movement, she found pole dancing completed her entirely.

    The satisfaction she finds in the practice has made her dedicated to helping others discover their own inner sensuality through movement. She knows pole dancing can be intimidating to the beginner but in Italia’s classes the titles of your everyday life disappear and she finds great joy when a first-timer says that her class was one of the best experiences they have ever had.

    While she loves the athleticism of pole dancing and the way it keeps her in shape, “the element of sensuality, and the beautiful and artistic way it comes together, there’s just nothing like it.”