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  • Elena Trefonas

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    Elena possessed a love of movement from the young age of 6 in Eastern Europe where she grew up studying ballet, modern & folk dancing, as well as gymnastics. Taking part in numerous competitions and performances throughout her childhood and as a young adult, Elena continued and earned her degrees in dance choreography and ballet. Elena has built her reputation teaching for various pole studios in the Ukraine, Prague and Amsterdam as well as participated with the Donetsk National Theatre & Opera.
    She was introduced to pole dancing in 2009 and immediately fell in love with the combination of strength, grace, and artistry. Practicing daily, she became a pole instructor in 2010.

    Elena moved to Chicago in 2011 and followed another passion for yoga. As a busy dancer, she began including yoga in her schedule sometime in 2008 as a way to restore whole body health, uniting physical strength with conscious breath. She received her teaching certification in 2012, and has been active in the Chicago yoga community since.

    Elena is excited to coach and train at Chicago Academy of Pole & Dance, and brings her dedication and extensive experience in an approachable style.

    * Certified Prenatal YOGA (Global YOGA Center)
    * Certified YOGA Instructor for kids and families (Rainbow Kids Yoga)
    * Certified C-1 YOGA Instructor – (CORE Power Yoga)
    * Yoga Spine Certified (Kievskaya Yoga)
    * Permanent Members of the Master Classes Champions of Russia & Europe (FreeLady)