Divine Em

  • Divine Em

    Divine Em is humbled to join the Chicago Academy of Pole and Dance, excited to both learn from and contribute to the CAPD community of students, instructors, and staff. Divine’s movement experience began at the tender age of 3 and includes training in a diverse collection of styles and traditions: tap, hip-hop, ballet, modern, jazz, African, and salsa. For almost a decade, Divine has been both a student and teacher of pole dance and sensual movement.
    For years, Divine Em has encouraged and supported women on their very personal and intimate journeys of rediscovering their bodies and owning their sexuality. In her own manifestation of “practicing what she preaches,” Divine Em stepped outside of her personal comfort zone and into the competitive arena in 2014. Her mission? To share her artistic voice with the broader pole community. Since then, Divine has enjoyed such competitive accomplishments as:

    • 2014 Central Pole Championship (CPC) Dramatic Level 4 Champion,
    • 2014 Central Pole Championship Level 4 Championship First Runner Up,
    • 2014 Pole Sport Organization (PSO) Nationals Dramatic Level 4 Champion,
    • 2014 Paragon International Championships Amateur First Runner Up,
    • 2015 Central Pole Championship Professional Champion,
    • 2015 PSO Nationals Professional Championship 4th Place, and
    • 2016 Paragon International Pre-Professional Champion.
    Beyond regional, national, and international competitions, Divine Em has enjoyed the privilege of performing with such illustrious productions as Kelly Yvonne’s Girl Next Door (Chicago & Los Angeles) and SEVEN – a Pole Dance Experience (Los Angeles), Schtick A Pole in It (NYC), The Wild Side – A Badass Pole Show (Chicago), and Anna Grundstrom’s Iron Candy (NYC).
    Divine’s journey and successes certainly took AN ENTIRE VILLAGE! She is eternally indebted to her mentor, Kelly Yvonne, and the prestigious staff of The Choreography House for their training, tutelage, and performance opportunities of a lifetime. As her coach, choreographer, and pole idol extraordinaire, Phoenix Kazree’s incomparable work ethic and invaluable training expertise have served as infinite inspiration and left a lifelong imprint on how Divine trains AND teaches. To these influences, along with the countless studios, instructors, and athletes throughout the global pole community, Divine Em credits with cultivating her development – personally, professionally, artistically, and athletically.
    Above all else, Divine Em acknowledges and expresses gratitude to the single, greatest contributing factor behind any and ALL of her successes: the phenomenal women – past, present, and future – for whom she has had the immense privilege and pleasure of teaching and guiding. Thank you for your trust, vulnerability, unwavering support, patronage, and unconditional love – YOU COMPLETE ME! <3