I’m new to Chicago Academy of Pole & Dance. What can I expect?

Welcome! At C.A.P.D we offer a safe, clean, judgment-free environment to ensure you are comfortable in whichever classes you choose to participate in. Our professional instructors constantly train and practice to guarantee that we are offering you the best quality in pole dance and fitness classes.

Do you need previous pole or dance experience to attend Chicago Academy of Pole & Dance?

No. While some classes at C.A.P.D do have prerequisites, we offer several classes for beginners.

What should I bring to class?

Bring yourself and a water bottle. C.A.P.D provides mats if needed for class.

What should I wear?

If you are new to C.A.P.D simply wear comfortable clothes that you would normally work out in; shorts, Yoga pants, tank top, sports bra, etc. Shorts may be recommended for various classes. Your instructor will inform you when you can anticipate wearing or bringing specific items. Bare feet are welcome, though shoes are recommended in some classes. We do not recommend wearing lotion or jewelry to class.

Do you have drop-in classes or do I have to purchase a membership?

At C.A.P.D we offer drop-in classes, class packages and membership packages.

Do you offer classes for men at Chicago Academy of Pole & Dance, or just women?

Yes! C.A.P.D is proud to make pole dance training available to men. Classes that are COED will be specifically indicated as so on the class schedule. Any classes not marked COED are for women only.

What type of poles do you use?

At C.A.P.D we use 45mm Chrome Static/Spin poles from X-Pole USA.

Is the studio available for rent for events or other purposes?

Yes. You can rent the studio space for personal use, an event or for film/television purposes, please call the studio for details and scheduling.

Is the studio available for private parties?

Yes. C.A.P.D offers private parties for Girls’ Night Out, Bachelorette Parties, Birthday Parties, or any special occasion. Click here for details.

Where are you located and how do I get there?

We are located at 1550 W. Carroll Ave., Suite 211, Chicago, IL 60607.